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Leading website for lab equipments, reagents, consumables and bio services Established since 1998, Bio-Equip is a leading website for lab equipments, reagents, consumables and bio services. Our users come from different fields like life science, medical research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, modern agriculture, food safety and environment monitoring. Bio-Equip offer users a complete product directory which involves 158 product ranges among lab equipments, reagents, consumables, lab animals, bio services, cell lines, bio software and books. Serving users through two websites, (Chinese) and (English), we own over 20,000 registered suppliers and more than 500,000 pieces of product and technical service information with details of product description, price, sample downloading, technical articles and videos. The resourceful online information accelerate product & service searching process, offer convenience to users from research institutions, universities, hospitals, centers for disease control, pharmaceutical factories, inspection and quarantine bureau as well as forensic centers. Generally, Bio-Equip promote the development of bioresearch and bio-industry! Welcome to visit Bio-Equip and cooperate with us for a brilliant future!

lab&more, the international magazine from Germany, informs and delights its readers – decision makers and scientists in chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research. Renowned authors present top-notch know-how in original articles. High-quality print and an exclusive distribution also contribute to the magazine’s success. For the international markets, the English version lab&more international achieves maximum impact. German specialist publisher succidia AG has a ten-year history of publishing trade journals whose unique publication model has won them a strong following in both European and global markets. The impressive growth story of succidia AG is based on over 40 years of experience on the part of publisher Jörg-Peter Matthes. Distinguished authors ensure that our magazines are right on our readers’interests. Creative designers offer visual surprises in every issue. The publishing house is active the fields of research, sports and veterinary medicine, and the chemical and pharmaceutical markets. Our magazines are published in a range of languages and distributed throughout the world.

The Petri Dish is Malaysia’s 1st science newspaper. The monthly paper started as a 12-page monthly in February 2011, and is expected to evolve into a science newspaper for the region.The Petri Dish is MABIC’s answer to the dwindling interest of science among school students and society in general. The paper was conceived as a way to bridge the gap between biotechnology and society and enhance public understanding of science.The Petri Dish focuses on delivering newsworthy research and industry news within the scientific community for the consumption of the average layperson.