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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 15th International Conference and Exhibition on Metabolomics & Systems Biology Kyoto | Japan.

Day 1 :

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Jaleel Kareem Ahmed has completed his PhD from Baghdad University. He is the Dean of the Institute of Foundry and Hammering. He has registered 8 patents with 40 published papers and 3 books. He is a member in Who is Who network. He is a reviewer in Jon Wily and Sons and Editorial Board Member of Science Publishing Group and a member in Encyclopedia of Chemistry Scientists. He has got the Iraqi Scientist Medal. Currently, he is a Professor of physical chemistry in
the College of Materials Engineering , Babylon University, Iraq.


The interactions between Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) as industrial biopolymers and chitosan, cellulose, starch as natural biopolymers with iodine mixed by diethyl ether for homogenous solid mixture show a clear depression in the glass Transition Temperature (Tg) for all polymers as well as new colors appear except cellulose unaffected. It appears that cellulose molecules coated with a film prevent iodine to diffuse through the network structure of cellulose thus no effected its color or its Tg which indicates that molecular structure of cellulose quite different from that of starch and for this fact cellulose not soluble by a solvent and undigested in the human
body. The depression in the Tg values of polymers indicate that iodine ruptures the engineering bonds of the polymers. The most effected Tg is of chitosan (lowered by 40.23˚C, this mean that iodine ruptures both hydrogen bonding through nitrogen and oxygen atoms in chitosan molecule. From Tg values it seems that iodine can acts as moderate plasticizer, by diffusing through the net of biopolymers and natural biopolymers ruptures their secondary bonds result in depression of their Tg except in case of cellulose. The order of Tg depressionchitosan>PMMA=starch>PVA>PEG>cellulose. From Tg values calculation of the energy given by the addition of iodine to the polymers was done. These energies are a function of iodine cause a depression in the original Tg of pure biopolymers 27.394>18.442=18.414>9.316>4.315>0 (kJ mol-1).

Keynote Forum

Saied Ali Barzanian

Sanford University and UC Berkeley University, USA

Keynote: Impact of Technology the future of learning about metabolomics and system biology

Time : 10:45-11:30

Conference Series Metabolomics Congress 2019 International Conference Keynote Speaker Saied Ali Barzanian photo

Over the past 40 years, He had worked for well-known American organizations such as world recognized institutions UC Berkeley University, Stanford University and ProQuest among others in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco bay area. He has diverse background in both academics and industries. As an e-book specialist and content editor he worked on a wide variety of e-books for well- known international universities, including Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Yale, MIT, and UC Berkeley universities among others educational institutions, and large publishers including Penguin Random House, Elsevier, McGraw-Hill, Wiley and Oxford University Press, As a keynote speaker, He had successfully delivered 45 conferences including 7 talks, presentations at Stanford University and continue sharing my knowledge and experience to help people around the world. Earned achievement and recognition awards, prizes and scholarship.


When you just think about it, The digital world has changed our lives in every way. Education - the days when teachers used chalk, dusters, and blackboards are almost at an end. Black has turned to white, in the form of interactive whiteboards. The white chalk is now digital ink. Digital technology and e-learning made it easier than ever to understand and analyze faster and more efficient about metabolomics and systems biology. It provides the most comprehensive and effective instruction of how metabolomics has the potential to serve an important role in diagnosis and management of human conditions. Digital content has revolutionized the way people in medical field distribute and access information on virtually every platform. How medical Students Benefit from Learning with interactive e-books? The interactive learning market is growing.