Plant and Environmental Metabolomics

Using Metabolomics, a better understanding of the correlation between biochemical composition and genes of plant tissue in response to its environment (phenotype) can be obtained, and this information can be further used to assess gene function (genotype). Four joint U.S. also, Japanese research groups have been recompensed subsidizing totalling about $12 million (about Yen 960 million) to grow new indeed well-disposed strategies to expand the creation of renewable biofuel and lessen pesticide use.

  • Green systems biology
  • Toxicology and drug metabolism
  • Recent developments in environmental metabolomics
  • Linking metabolomics with quality traits in crop plants
  • Applications of metabolomics in plant metabolomics
  • Nutrigenomics and plant functional genomics
  • Metabolomics for exposomics
  • Microbiome-related metabolome

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