Cancer Metabolomics Approaches

Metabolomics cancer research is being used to discover diagnostic cancer biomarkers in the clinic and in a research institute, to a better understand its complex heterogeneous nature, to discover pathways which involved in cancer that could be used for new targets and to monitor metabolic biomarkers during therapeutic intervention. These metabolomics approaches may also provide evidence to personalized cancer treatments by providing useful information to the clinician about the cancer patient’s response to medical interventions. The ultimate aims of most metabolomics cancer studies are to discover cancer-specific diagnostic, prognostic or predictive biomarkers for a patient. Untargeted metabolomics is an important and excellent tool for probing cancer-altered biochemical pathways.

  • Cancer metabolomics and diagnostic biomarkers
  • Applications of metabolomics in oncology and biomarker discovery
  • Novel approaches to cancer therapeutics
  • Cancer metabolism meets systems biology

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