Therapeutic Metabolomics

Metabolomics had profound importance in recent years in context to its applications in the field of drug development and drug discovery. With recent advances in the field of metabolomics, it can be proved as a major tool for innovative therapeutic discoveries. Metabolites have non-invading nature and close relation to the phenotype. That makes it a perfect tool for the pharmaceutical, agricultural industries, and preventive healthcare among others. In the agricultural/chemical industry, metabolomics may be used to develop pesticides and herbicides. With increasing importance being placed on health and safety related aspects of our food, metabolomics can potentially be a valuable tool in quality control and food processing, or in plant breeding for improved crop varieties and in the development of novel foodstuffs Centre for Metabolomics is associated with therapeutic metabolomics. Computational immunology is a field of science that incorporates high-throughput genomic and bioinformatics ways to deal with immunology.

  • Metabolic phenotyping in disease diagnosis
  • Interactions between immunity and metabolism
  • Computational immunology
  • Systems immunology
  • Epigenetics of trained innate immunity
  • Applied Immunology and immunotherapy
  • Application of metabolomics in autoimmune diseases

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