Proteomics in Medicine

Molecular Medicine stimulates the reflective of the biological mechanism of disease at the cellular and molecular levels for enhanced treatment, prevention and diagnoses of disease. Proteomics plays a vital role in molecular medicine and medical research, such as in diagnostics and drug discovery, because of the connection between genes, proteins, and diseases. It is considered to be the next step in modern biology. Proteomics is dynamic compared to genomics because it changes constantly to reflect the cell’s environment. The main objectives in the area of proteomics are; identifying all proteins in different samples and analyze differential protein expression , characterize proteins by studying and identifying their function, recognize protein interaction network and cellular localization. Cancer biologists have made the first attempts to utilize proteomics for prognostic and diagnostic purposes. Recently developed serum-based proteomic pattern diagnostics, which is a new method of diagnosis and disease identification for ovarian cancer detection.

  • Cellular medicine
  • Current advances and clinical aspect of molecular medicine
  • Pathology and molecular medicine
  • Applied proteomics and molecular medicine
  • Molecular medicine and personalized healthcare
  • Best Practices in Personalized and translational medicine
  • Detection and characterization of circulating biomarkers

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